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Core Values

Legacy Tech has four core values, collectively referred to as I3S.   

Integrity: Integrity means doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking.  It leads to a mutually trusting environment where you and other people can have confidence in each other in their roles and responsibilities and know the path that they are likely to take, even if there is no means of communication.   

Encapsulated in this is having candor, even when you know it might not go over very well in a given situation; nobody likes their work or ideas to be criticized but sometimes it is necessary to point out overlooked shortcomings.  This helps in giving the decision makers the necessary information that may have been withheld or overlooked.  It is critically important to be honest and open with everyone that you associate with. 


Independence: At Legacy, valuing independence does not mean that you never rely on other people for anything.  It means having high levels of resilience and perseverance in everything you do.  Simply rising to a challenge is not enough; instead, actively seek out new challenges for yourself, knowing that you are likely to fail at first but having what it takes to try to solve the problem yourself.  Strive to earn new knowledge constantly.  Independence gives you control over your own life and it makes you a creator rather than a user and will expand your capabilities in meaningful ways. 


Innovation: This encompasses forward thinking and the advancement of society by solving collective problems using methods that are both sustainable and efficient, typically with new technology.  Valuing innovation means never being complacent by accepting the status quo and thinking outside of the box.  Think creatively and imaginatively, and never accept the term “impossible.”   


Solidarity: Solidarity refers to striving to create a sense of belonging in your environment and being able to give back to those who contribute to your success.  The emphasis is on unity, communication, and consideration with and for those around you.  At Legacy, you are always encouraged to develop personal growth, but you are expected to share any growth with those around you.  Be considerate of other people’s time, feelings, and well being (i.e. help those in need to the best of your ability).  Be focused on the experience of your environment, rather than its structure or formation and have shared faith that all needs will be met via the commitment to be together.   



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