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The Legacy Tech software development teams work with unparalleled efficiency.  We organize our teams in a methodical way, permitting each team to develop its own camaraderie and functionality.  We utilize the AGILE development method to allow our customers the fastest access to the core requirements while providing for feedback and change requests.

We select our programming capabilities and methodologies based on the current trajectory of the Information Technology field to ensure longevity and enhancement.  Whether you need custom software engineering or mobile application development, Legacy can provide the solution you need by creatively utilizing a collection of our favorite methods while guaranteeing a simple and streamlined user interface (UI).


  • Custom Software Engineering

  • Web Site Development

  • Mobile Applications (Android, iOS, Microsoft)

  • Gaming

  • Databasing

  • IoT (Smart TV's, Interactive Displays, Security systems)

  • Cognitive Computing (AI)

Site & Data Hosting:  Legacy Technology is also equipped to host your data and or webspace.  Most companies charge an absurd monthly amount to host your site but with Legacy Tech, you only pay for what you need.

For small business and groups that can't afford to pay for regular updates, we can also build your site using a drag & drop interface, such as Wix or Wordpress, and show you or your representative how to do it on your own.

Bottom line: we can get you what you need, at minimal cost.

Microsoft Azure: The arrival of Microsoft Azure has changed the nature of computing as a whole.  Soon, your computer will simply be a portal to reach Azure, where all of your programs and data will be stored. 

In the meantime, Azure is relatively new and as such, it is difficult to find someone who is truly qualified to build solutions using the Azure platform.  Legacy Tech has qualified and certified developers on staff and was able to reduce one particular client's monthly Azure cost from ~$600.00 to less than $50.00. 

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