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Website Development

Legacy Technology has found it's niche catering to small & new businesses. 

The fact is that most web developers charge inflated fee's for [what can be] some pretty simple work and they get away with it simply because the customer is not familiar with the process.  Let's be clear: Site development can be a lengthy and costly process.  But, in many cases, it is not or does not have to be, and this is generally the case with a small or new business. 

Legacy Technology refuses to follow the common method.  Rather, we prefer to invest in your business to develop a working relationship with you over time.  When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured knowing that we are truly working for your best interest.  It benefits us when you succeed.

Your site will be a direct reflection of who you are as a company, group, or other entity because we make the development process a team effort.  We maintain contact with you before, during and after the project to ensure your continued satisfaction.  Further, you only pay for what you need: A local contractor does not need to pay for massive nationwide Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO).  But this is frequently sold as part of a "package" deal.

Give us a shot.  You have nothing to lose by getting a quote from us.  Legacy Technology, Inc. does not engage in constant and unwanted solicitation once we have your name; we don't have to because we keep our customers happy.

Website Development Process
All Website packages include:

  • Free, no-commitment consultation.  Literally, you get a quote and then we wait to hear back. 

  • Monitor and Mobile friendly site.
  • Designs, schema, videos, images selected, provided, or approved by you.
  • SSL Certificate (website security).
  • Domain Registration.
  • Business Consulting as requested.
Website Development I
Website Development II
Website Development III
Website Development IV
Website In a Box:

  • Common option for most small businesses, private groups (bands, gaming groups, etc.), or CV pages.

  • Up to 5 pages, recommended by us, but chosen by you.

  • Basic SEO set up.

  • Typically a WordPress or Wix site, so that you can make edits yourself.

Premium Informational Website:

  • Up to 15 pages.

  • Added functionality as needed, to include bookings and appointments, advanced forms, membership options and more.

  • Regular site updating and support.

  • Site statistics

  • Logos & Branding

 E-Commerce Website:

  • Sell products via your online store so your customers can easily shop.

  • Accept credit cards, paypal, and other payment options.

  • Product options, minimum shipping requirements, physical & digital products, inventory management and more options!

  • E-Commerce varies greatly based on your needs.  Contact us for more information.

Custom Website:

  • A truly custom-built website, created from the ground up, to your specifications. 

  • No templates, and therefore no restrictions.

All websites are built with the following considerations in mind:

  • Quality: First and foremost, our focus is making sure that content is grammatically correct and well written.  This adds to your credibility as a firm, keeps your potential clients engaged with your site's written content, and helps search engines interpret the information on your site to allow for better indexing and optimization.

  • Responsive Design: Your site will be responsive to tablet and mobile browsing.

  • Titles & Phrasing: Titles can feed directly into search engine results so it is important that they reflect keywords relevant to the page's content, the reader, and their intentions.
    Phrasing should be relevant to what the visitors to your site are likely looking for, and seek to answer the questions that they are searching to answer.

  • Load Time: Optimizations are always made to ensure that the site will load quickly.

Contact us today to get a free consultation.

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